Deploying Oban Pro/Web with Docker and

Oban is a “robust job processing library which uses PostgreSQL for storage and coordination” for Elixir. Like any other hex dependency, you can install it through your mix.exs file, run mix deps.get, and boom, you’re done.

Oban Pro

Things get a little bit more complicated with the paid versions of Oban, Oban Pro and Oban Web, as you need to authenticate using a license key. Locally, you can install it right through the command line.

$ mix hex.repo add oban \
  --fetch-public-key <OBAN_FINGER_PRINT>
  --auth-key <YOUR_API_KEY>

However, when deploying to the cloud using Docker, it is not so simple. Passing your API key when building a Docker image should be done securely, and takes a little know-how.

Deploy a Docker image with Oban Pro, using GitHub Actions and

I deploy my service using, which provides a command-line tool called flyctl. Our challenge is to securely pass our API key to flyctl when building our docker image using Docker build secrets and the flyctl deploy –build-secret option.

Setting up your Dockerfile

Setting up your Dockerfile is the easy part, you can just follow the Oban documentation. Simply add the following to your Dockerfile

# In your Dockerfile
RUN --mount=type=secret,id=OBAN_KEY_FINGERPRINT \
    --mount=type=secret,id=OBAN_LICENSE_KEY \
    mix hex.repo add oban \
      --fetch-public-key "$(cat /run/secrets/OBAN_KEY_FINGERPRINT)" \
      --auth-key "$(cat /run/secrets/OBAN_LICENSE_KEY)"

Passing the deploy secrets to flyctl in GitHub Actions

The tricky part for me was to correctly get my secrets from GitHub actions into my Dockerfile securely. Luckily, there is a new --built-secret option to flyctl deploy that solves this problem for us.

First, add the secrets to your GitHub Actions. If you’re adding them following this example, you should name them OBAN_KEY_FINGERPRINT and OBAN_LICENSE_KEY.

Then you just pass them as build secrets in your GitHub Action like so.

    name: Deploy app
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: actions/checkout@v2
      - uses: superfly/flyctl-actions/setup-flyctl@master
      - run: |
        flyctl deploy --remote-only \
          --build-secret OBAN_LICENSE_KEY=${{ secrets.OBAN_LICENSE_KEY }} \
          --build-secret OBAN_KEY_FINGERPRINT=${{ secrets.OBAN_KEY_FINGERPRINT }}

And boom! You’re cooking with Oban Pro.

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