Advent of Code 2021

This year, I thought it would be fun to try my hand at Advent of Code. I had last participated in 2018, but only did a few exercises. Much like 2018, I am inspired by José Valim’s live stream of AOC, which he is also doing this year.

This year I hope to complete more than 5 of the exercises, starting with Elixir, but then I hope to go back and take a stab at implementing them in a few languages I’ve never used before.



Roc is a pure, functional programming language that compiles to binary and is a direct descendent of Elm. It is still in Alpha, but the creator, Richard Feldman, was nice enough to invite me to the repo to test it out.


Zig is a low-level, systems programming language that has a lot of interesting features. What I find particularly interesting is its ability to executue code at compile time, similar to Elixir.


Clojure is a lisp that has quite the reputation. My only dabbles with a lisp are Emacs Lisp, and I’d love to improve my lisp-foo.

Where to follow

So far, I have completed the first day of AOC, follow along at

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